All Plumbing Online's very own website is finally live today, after our Ebay store was first open back in 2017. We stock and sell Reliance, AVG, Watts, Callife, AW, Reflex valves/fittings and Deks Dektite range roof flashing.

My name is Tom Siwei Li, the owner of All Plumbing Online. I have been working in the plumbing industry for the last 15 years as a product design engineer at the manufacturer level.

I started my career by working for Australian National Testing Laboratory ANTL in charge of Australian standards Watermark compliance testing. I then advanced into an engineering consultant for many manufacturers such as Apricus, Astivita, Consolidated Energy, Solargain and Chromagen over the years in my career. During which time, I was also the former founder/director of Aestiva Global, which manufactured and supplied solar hot water controllers/pump stations nationally to the same aforementioned companies. I am fortunate enough to build a great network and contacts with suppliers, so that I can bring their products to the public. 

To make a difference, I want to share my passion and knowledge about plumbing with everyone. Being able to help not just plumbers, but the average mum and dad to fix and improve their homes in the scope of plumbing, brings me the most joy.  

Unlike most other online plumbing vendors, you will find loads of unique product photos I shot myself for every each one of the products I stock and sell. I believe the real photos can tell a better story of what the customers are getting. The generic copied and pasted manufacturer websites' images could never do the same. 

At the same time, I use this opportunity to write my own original product descriptions, plumbing advice, tips and know how as blogs throughout the website pages. I see this a great way to pass on the plumbing education to the average Jones. After all, plumbing especially for homes is no rocket science. 




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