Founded by Sam Raso in Victoria in 1984, Austworld is a leading Australian plumbing wholesaler, serving over 2,500 customers with a catalog of 3,000+ products nationwide.

The history of Austworld is a story of family, ambition, and growth.

From humble beginnings with a small warehouse in Bayswater, Victoria, Sam Raso, father of five, envisioned expanding his plumbing and drainage contracting business into wholesaling.

In the early 1990s, facing challenges meeting customer expectations with suppliers, Sam took the leap and took sole ownership of Austworld in 2000. Over the next decade, Austworld expanded nationally, adding six warehouse locations and relocating the family and team to Queensland, supported by Sam's wife and children.

By 2015, the growth of Austworld prompted a shift towards a more corporate structure. Sam Raso became Company Director, with his eldest son, Alex, heading Operations, his other son, Adrian, overseeing Purchasing, and his daughter, Gina, leading Finance & Marketing. Today, Austworld boasts a dedicated marketing department, an experienced engineering team, and a project management group, all supporting its continued growth.

Sam Raso remains the driving force behind Austworld, focused on integrity and customer satisfaction. The company's national footprint is bolstered by seven warehouse centers across New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia, Far North Queensland, and Tasmania.

Austworld takes pride in its people-first culture, emphasising a customer-centric and team-oriented approach. With a diverse team of over 60 employees, we are dedicated to delivering quality products and professional service at every touchpoint and are proudly ISO 9001:2015 approved Quality Management System approved in respect to the provision of warehousing and distribution of plumbing products.