Flexible Hoses

The AW stainless steel braided flexible hoses feature PEX inner tubes for a superior durability compared to traditional EPDM rubber materials, backed up with 15 years manufacturer warranty. 

The cone shaped seal inside the swivel loose nut allows for a secure and tool free installation using just a finger tight force especially in tight spaces where tools are difficult to reach. The smaller diameter AW stainless steel flexible hoses are commonly used in toilet, washing machine, dish washer and under the kitchen sink connections. The larger diameter AW stainless steel flexible hoses are often used in commercial pump applications where a high flow rate is required to minimize pumping losses.

All Plumbing Online store offers the full range of AW stainless steel braided flexible hose varieties, which include lengths of 150-1000mm and end connection thread sizes of 15-40mm (1/2"-1 1/2") in either female loose swivel nuts or male threads. The full AW stainless steel braided hose model codes, configurations and schematic diagrams are shown in the photo gallery. Customers can search the model code names in my store for the required stainless steel braided flexible hoses.