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APO 15mm ½" 500kPa Female Pressure Limiting Valve (AW AVG Reliance Compatible)

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    The APO PLV15F-500 15mm (1/2") 500kPa PLV pressure limiting valve is commonly used to regulate the supply cold water pressure to hot water services including heat pumps, electric, gas storage and solar water heaters across all mainstream brands in Australia such as Rheem, Vulcan, Rinnal, Dux, Aquamax, Thermann, Apricus and Solahart. 

    The APO PLV pressure limiting valve features the same threads, fitments and similar physical sizes with many other valve manufacturers such as Reliance, AVG, Tomson, AW, Nefa and Reflex. This makes the APO PLV pressure limiting valve a perfect direct replacement to an existing valve with no plumbing pipe modifications required. 

    The PLV pressure limiting valves usually come in 350, 500 and 600kPa ratings under Australian Watermark standard regulations. Each pressure specification is used on specific plumbing applications, depending the pressure rating requirement of the appliances. The PLV pressure limiting valve regulates the inlet water pressure by employing a sliding piston design internally and creates a pressure drop as the water passes through the valve. This piston design is directional and therefore there is an arrow on each pressure limiting valve body indicating the water flow orientation.  


    Engineer's Notes

    When a PLV pressure limiting valve fails, it is usually caused by the corrosion and debris clogging-up inside the valve body, preventing the piston's sliding actions over its usage life spans. In most cases, the water pressure and flow rate can drop significantly causing an unsatisfying user experience. In less common scenarios, the opposite can also happen and the pressure limiting valve may lose its pressure limiting ability, potentially blowing up appliances with over pressures. 

    A PLV pressure limiting valve can only limit the dynamic pressure of the passing inlet water. The valve can not regulate a static pressure increase inside a water heater when the water heats up and expands, where PTR and ECV valves must be used instead for the pressure relief.

    The 500kPa is a nominal outlet pressure rating under Australian Watermark Standard testing condition with a set inlet pressure. In real world situations, the actual mains supply water pressure can fluctuate and vary greatly from locations to locations. This presents a challenge for many hot water heater installations, especially when the street's mains pressure is too high. In this scenario, the PLV pressure limiting valve may fail to limit the inlet pressure below the hot water tank's pressure rating requirement. The PTR and ECV valves of the hot water service can leak excessively or even in a continuous stream as consequences. In such situations, pressure reducing valves can be used in the places of the pressure limiting valves to address this problem. 

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    Technical Detail

    • Brand: APO
    • Model: PLV15F-500
    • Watermark License Number: WMK26608 
    • Pressure Outlet Rating: 500 kPa
    • Temperature Rating: 80°C
    • Max Inlet Pressure: 2000kPa
    • Flow Rate: 50L/min at max allowable inlet pressure of 2000kPa 
    • Thread Size: 1/2" BSP (15mm) female FI thread
    • Thread Size Physical Measurement: 20.995mm internal female thread diameter (refer to the BSP sizing chart in the photo gallery)
    • Material: DR Brass
    • Intended Use: Domestic Hot Water Services
    • SKU: APO-PLV15F-500


    Package Contents

    • APO PLV15F-500 15mm (1/2") 500kPa PLV Pressure Limiting Valve
    • Package Weight: 400g


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