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CALEFFI 533545H High Performance ½" 15mm Pressure Reducing Valve 100-600kPa, Made in Italy

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    The Caleffi 533545H 15mm 1/2" inline high performance pressure reducing valve is made in Italy and Australia Watermark approved. The "H" in the model name indicates this is a high performance version of pressure reducing valves in Caleffi ranges with a high temperature rating at 80°C and a high inlet pressure rating at 2000kPa (VS standard Caleffi version at 40°C and 1600kPa respectively). The valve body casting and dimensions are the same between the H and standard Caleffi pressure reducing valves, but the cartridges are different. The comparison photos between the 2 models are shown in the photo gallery for your reference. The standard Caleffi pressure valve has the same model name of 533545 without the "H" and is sold also at my store at a cheaper price.
    The Caleffi 533545H pressure reducing valve features a pressure adjustment range of 100-600kPa with a factory setting at 500kPa. Caleffi is one of a rare few manufacturers in Australia offering pressure reducing valves that can adjust to a pressure setting  as low as 100kPa, which is required for specialized applications.
    The pressure reducing valves are commonly installed in residential plumbing works such as after water meters or just before entering houses. The pressure reducing valves can ensure a stable water supply pressure supply, despite the fluctuations in the mains water supply pressure from the streets. 
    The pressure reducing valves can serve as a more reliable and versatile alternatives to more traditional pressure limiting valves, when used in hot water services such as electric, heat pump, gas storage and solar hot water heaters. The pressure reducing valve employs a membrane design with a stiff pre-loaded adjustable spring, opposed to a sliding piston mechanism found in a pressure limiting valve which often causes failures from clogging up. 
    In real world installations, it is sometimes found that pressure limiting valves cannot limit pressures sufficiently in places where unusually high street mains pressures are present. This can cause troubles with ECV and PTR valves leaking on hot water services. The pressure reducing valves can be used in such situations and offer a far better pressure control from our in-field experiences over the years in our own plumbing jobs in Brisbane. 
    The pressure reducing valve comes with a BSP 6mm test plug inbuilt, where an optional pressure gauge can be inserted for pressure measurement at the outlet. It must be noted that the pressure gauge is only intended to be used as a measurement tool and must be removed after use, as it could rust inside out if left in a wet environment for prolonged periods of time. 

    Technical Details

    • Manufacturer: CALEFFI, Made in Italy
    • Australia Watermark Approved
    • Model: 533545H
    • Specifications:
      • Flow Rate: 20L/min@100kPa; 70L/min@500kPa; 75L/min@600kPa
      • Maximum Working Temperature: 80°C
      • Maximum Upstream (Inlet) Pressure: 2000kPa
      • Downstream (Outlet) Setting Pressure Range: 100 kPa - 600 kPa 
      • Factory Pressure Setting: 500kPa
      • Optional pressure gauge can be inserted for downstream pressure measurement via the BSP 6mm test plug 
      • Extractable and serviceable cartridge with stainless steel filter mesh
    • Thread Size: 1/2" BSP (15mm) Female Thread (15FI x 15FI)
    • Physical Thread Measurement: 20.995mm internal diameter, refer to the BSP vs Physical Thread Measurement Table in the photo gallery
    • Material: DR Brass Body
    • Intended Use: Hot water heaters and special applications in high temperature or pressure situations

    Package Contents

    Caleffi 533545H 15mm 1/2" inline pressure reducing valve
    - Package Weight 450g (550g with the optional gauge)


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